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Our Life Saving Rules Safe behaviour is a requirement of working for Running Rail. These Rules are in place to keep us safe and must never be broken. We will all personally intervene if we feel a situation or behaviour might be unsafe.

Working responsibly

Working with electricity


Always be sure the required plans and permits are in place, before you start a job or go on or near the line.

Always test before applying earths to straps.

Never use a hand-held or hands-free phone, or programme any other mobile device, while driving.

Always use equipment that is fit for its intended purpose.

Never assume equipment is isolated - always test before touch.

Always obey the speed limit and wear a seat-belt.

Never undertake any job unless you have been trained and assessed competent.

Never work or drive while under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

Working at height

Working with moving equipment

Always use a safety harness when working at height, unless other protection is in place.

Never enter the agreed exclusion zone, unless directed to by a person in charge.